Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop Berlin

March 15th & 16th, 2018

Liberating Structures Lab Berlin co-founder Sylvia Taylor and Holisticon are proud to present the first Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop in Berlin – a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in effective & fun ways to work with others.

Attendees will experience first hand from Liberating Structures (LS) inventor Keith McCandless and LS pioneer Fisher Qua how LS make it easy to include and engage everybody no matter what the nature of the work or challenge is, and no matter how many people need to be included. Attendees will repeatedly see how LS give everybody the opportunity to work at the top of their intelligence and creativity.

Each workshop attendee will have many opportunities to discover how he/she can immediately make use of LS. Many lively examples will be shared to provide concrete inspiration on how LS help to re-program the way we collaborate with each other, in other words, hack our work cultures. Every attendee will leave with at least one concrete application he/she can implement right away. Some examples of how LS can help culture hacking include: increasing the quality of ideas by increasing the number of people sharing, while decreasing time spent gathering the best ideas. Or quickly establish mutual trust and connection, while experiencing the speed and quality of communication when it’s multi-directional, not linear. Our hope is that everyone will experience how LS sparks freedom that arises from shared understanding of simple rules that guide and liberate everyone’s contributions.

Immersion Workshops are designed to introduce participants to a large number of Liberating Structures very rapidly – it’s a fast “do one, do another one” method of learning. The purpose is to create awareness of the wide range of possibilities that Liberating Structures open up. Also, experiencing a large variety of structures demonstrates that there are many ways to address any particular challenge with one or a combination of LS.

Learning to use Liberating Structures is like learning a new language. First you learn individual words. Then you put them together into simple sentences and, pretty soon, you are stringing LS together and transforming the way you and your co-workers are working together and solving problems. You become a culture hacker!

Members of the Berlin Community of LS practitioners will be there to share their stories about using LS in their work environments as well as co-facilitate several structures and share their learnings along the way.

Your catalysts

Keith McCandless

Keith McCandlessKeith is co-developer of Liberating Structures, co-founder of the Social Invention Group and co-author of the book “The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures – Simple Rules to Unleash a Culture of Innovation” (2014). Keith specializes in helping organizations to innovate and manage complexity by working with groups to unleash creativity, discover opportunities, and build on momentum. His eclectic skills have been honed with groups all over the world, and are grounded in organization development, complexity science, business strategy, and graphic facilitation—all with an improvisational twist.  He calls himself a structured improvisationalist.

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, he holds a Masters in Management of Human Services from Brandeis University in Boston and a BA from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Keith lives in Seattle with his wife, Anne, and Deacon, a whippet with talent to amuse.


Fisher Qua

FisherWith a background in history, modern dance, health improvement, learning & development, and higher education management Fisher brings eclectic skills to his consulting work. He is primarily focused on organizing and structuring interactions that unflatten people’s imaginations while inviting them to contribute more of their intelligence. He uses Liberating Structures and other generative interaction patterns to help groups shape the future together. He holds a BA from Bates College, an MEd in College Sports Management from the University of Washington, and (almost) and MA from the University of Michigan in Higher Education Administration.


Martin Unruh


Ticket prices include lunch, snacks and softdrinks for both days.

We have individual scholarships available for students. Please contact us so we can work something out!


The Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop is going to take place at:

Impact Hub Berlin

Friedrichstraße 246

10969 Berlin


Local organizers

Sylvia Taylor

Sylvia‘s passion is creating ecosystems of organizational agility and resonance using the collective intelligence of the whole organization.

Bringing Liberating Structures to Berlin 2 years ago, Sylvia wanted to share the magic of LS and create a community of culture hackers. She hosts a monthly meet-up where people can experience the magic of being part of a group that unleashes its collective wisdom and creativity to solve complex problems. And have fun doing while it!

Sylvia has been using, sharing and teaching people about Liberating Structures since 2011. They have been a key ingredient  in her support of Agile organizational transformations in companies like Microsoft, PayPal, AT&T, T-Mobile and Starbucks.



Holisticon AG is a management and IT consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their aim is to spread Liberating Structures all across Europe. Holisticon is the organizer of multiple immersion workshops, developer of the LS app, creator of the LS Design Cards, founder of the LS user groups in Hamburg and Hannover, and translator of LS to German. They have used Liberating Structures in their work with clients across industry sectors from small teams to large groups.


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