Liberating Structures European Learning Gathering

Are you a frequent and enthusiastic user of Liberating Structures? Are you seeking a deeper exchange with other skilled LS practitioners? Are you looking for a place to deepen your learning and broaden your horizon? Now what? Take it one step further: Join the first event in an upcoming series of European Learning Gatherings!

The Purpose of this Gathering

This gathering exists to bring the Liberating Structures community together and provide a space for deep learning and collaboration. It is our hope that structured interaction will help us find answers to the most fascinating and uncomfortable questions. We would love to see new initiatives being formed that propel the exploration and spread of Liberating Structures forward. We want to form new connections by engaging in serious playfulness.

The Structure of this Gathering

How is it that we can provide both prepared high-value content and space for the spontaneous explorational needs of every participant simultaneously?

By offering a well-balanced mixture of prepared sessions and plenty of time for ad-hoc generated topics, we will share valueable and inspiring time exchanging experiences as well as practicing or even jointly inventing new ideas with some of the most active LS practitioners within the European community.

A design team together with LS pioneers will take care of compiling engaging session and Strings upfront. Particularly, our special guests Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz, the creators of LS, will provide deep insights into their work, the theory behind many of the LS and share their experience applying LS in different contexts and cultures worldwide.

You will have the opportunity to submit and promote topics you care about ahead of time to find fellow participants for designing and co-facilitating your String. Along with all your spontaneous ideas and learning needs, which might pop up during the gathering, you will find the right participants for your topic in one of our options space (a variant of Open Space Technology) slots.

The venue offers plenty of space for simultaneous sessions and separate rooms for casual networking alike.

The Content of this Gathering

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • New ways of applying Liberating Structures
  • New riffs and variations of existing Liberating Structures
  • New Liberating Structures and Liberating Structures in development
  • Marrying Liberating Structures with other facilitation methods
  • Failures using Liberating Structures
  • Liberating Structures stringing
  • Forming new initiatives
  • Opportunities for societal change


Please have a look at our resources page, if you need details on how to offer a session, where to stay or where to connect with other attendees.

Tickets and pricing

The entry fee is aimed at covering our costs. Ticket prices include beverages, snacks and lunch during both days. Please note that Eventbrite will charge service fees on top, which we will not be able to absorp. If we happen to draw profit from the event, we will fully reinvest it into the development of the Liberating Structures app (available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store). Therefore there are no discounts for Early Birds, groups, students or NGOs. If you really cannot afford the ticket price but feel like you really need to be at the gathering, please contact us directly.


Holisticon AG
Jürgen-Töpfer-Straße 44
22763 Hamburg

How to get there?

Take a Train or Bus to the station “Bahrenfeld” and then have a short walk. For the timetable refer to the Website or download the App (HVV-App for iOS und Android)


Holisticon AG is a management and IT consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their aim is to spread Liberating Structures all across Europe. Holisticon is the organizer of multiple immersion workshops, developer of the LS app, creator of the LS Design Cards, founder of the LS user groups in Hamburg and Hannover, and translator of LS to German. The Holisticon team uses Liberating Structures in their work with clients across industry sectors from small teams to large groups.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at!