There is a slack channel for exchanging ideas for sessions, networking, finding other birds.

Integrated and Option Sessions

There is a public google-docs folder especially for integrated and option sessions: Feel free to add details of your option sessions to that folder

How to offer a session

If you want to offer a session feel free to submit it here

Just to give you an idea what we expect: sessions might include topics you want to work on with other participants or topics you want to know more about, not being an expert yourself. Our only kind of „condition“ is that you share some initial thoughts regarding the format you want to use. If you are going to use LS for that, you might have an idea for a string but it’s fine to use non-LS tools (even goat rodeo) if it is intentionally. This might sound strict but is our way to try to make sure that everybody spends some thoughts not only on the content but on the format as well. This should result in an increased quality of the sessions and is a direct learning from the Global LS Gathering in Seattle a couple of months ago.

If you still need inspiration for session(s) you want to offer here are some possible topics:

  • New ways of applying Liberating Structures
  • New riffs and variations of existing Liberating Structures
  • New Liberating Structures and Liberating Structures in development
  • Marrying Liberating Structures with other facilitation methods
  • Failures using Liberating Structures
  • Liberating Structures stringing
  • Forming new initiatives
  • Opportunities for societal change

How to look at the other sessions or edit your session

Look at the other sessions or edit your session. As this is a public document please refrain from editing stuff of other people and be aware that all information you share is public – so make sure you only share data you want to.

Where can I stay while I am at the LSELG in Hamburg?

If you are still looking for a place to stay do not hesitate to ask in the slack channel for help or share your needs or offering in this google document.

How do I get to the venue?

Take a Train or Bus to the station “Bahrenfeld” and then have a short walk. For the timetable refer to the Website or download the App (HVV-App for iOS und Android).

The construction work on the rails to the train station “Bahrenfeld” should be finished on August 7th in the evening. We will keep you updated.

What ist the time schedule of the gathering?

There will be a networking night on Wednesday at the venue starting at 06:00 PM with a short session together, snacks and drinks. Beware, that the station Bahrenfeld might not be reached by train, so check the HVV timetable.

Registration will open at 09:00 AM, the sessions start at 09:30 AM. We will close the days at around 05:30 PM.

There will be four 60 minute open sessions with several parallel tracks where everyone can offer their content (for details see How to offer a session a few paragraphs above).

Each of these sessions is followed by a 30 minutes sync-track where you are invited to mingle with participants of other sessions to reflect and share your insights and learnings. We will offer short strings for these sync sessions and you are invited to help with the design.

There will be six 60 minutes integrated sessions designed by experienced LS practitioners from all over Europe.

We will have a one hour lunch with catering each day. Catering and all day soft drinks are included in your ticket.

There will be one surprise session on Friday. 😊

The schedule will be updated as soon as it changes. 😉