October 29th & 30th + November 6th & 13th, 2020




This year’s LS Immersion Helsinki is going virtual! We’ve lovingly crafted this learning experience to deliver the usual Immersion content while in addition boosting your confidence to use the structures in online environments. Warmly welcome to this community experience!

The learning journey is split into four sessions over three weeks to give you enough time to try the structures out in your own context, in-between the sessions.



THURSDAY, 29 OCTOBER – 13:00-16:00 (EET)

Session 1: KICKING OFF 
We’ll start by taking a dive into patterns that support lively connections between people. We’ll playfully explore the possibilities of virtual hosting, while understanding the principles behind the world of Liberating Structures. During the day we’ll learn 3-5 different Liberating Structures. 

Tools of the day (tentative plan, there might still be changes): Impromptu networking, Thick greetings, Triz, Mad tea, Wicked questions.

FRIDAY, 30 OCTOBER – 9:00-16:30 (EET)

Session 2: DIVING DEEP
Welcome to a whole day of adventure! We’ll start engaging with the DNA & design elements behind all Liberating Structures. We’ll keep learning 3-5 new, more complex structures and have some surprises along the way. This day will serve as an example of what a really great full day of working (or learning) remotely can look like! 

Tools of the day (tentative plan, there might still be changes): Heard, seen, respected, Mad tea, 1-2-4-All, 10×10, Ecocycle, W3.

FRIDAY, 6 NOVEMBER – 12:00-15:00 (EET)

After doing some real-life experiments, we’ll gather to work on our individual practice. We’ll celebrate successes and tackle specific challenges of applying LS in your workplace. We’ll also be learning 3-5 more Liberating Structures that empower peer-learning, prototyping new solutions and finding new perspectives on shared challenges. This day will help you deepen your skill and confidence with LS tools.

Tools of the day (tentative plan, there might still be changes): Spiral journal, Appreciative interviews, Drawing together, Convo cafe, Troika consulting, Improv prototyping.

FRIDAY, 13 NOVEMBER – 12:00-15:00 (EET)

After one more week of experiments, we’ll look to the bigger questions. We’ll meet some of the creators of Liberating Structures and hear their stories of how LS have been used to tackle systemic challenges around the world. And of course, we’ll learn a few more structures!

Tools of the day (tentative plan, there might still be changes): Panarchy, Open space, Fishbowl, Thick goodbyes.




What you can expect from the 3-week learning journey:

  • Gain enough familiarity with 15-20 different Liberating Structures that you can start to use immediately (and imaginatively) for your own purposes

  • Begin to notice the underlying structures that hinder our collaborations & learn how you can make simple changes in those to deliver vastly different results

  • Gain more tools and perspectives to approach challenges that are complex and messy

  • Grow your confidence in leading collaborations effectively

  • Have the space to learn, play and get seriously curious in a group of interesting & supportive peers from around the region

Immersion Workshops are designed to help you learn by doing in a safe and fun way. A diverse local team of LS practitioners will support your access to a wide range of applications of the structures. The Immersion is held in English – help with Finnish or Spanish translations is available. 



This LS Immersion will take place over Zoom, in Helsinki (EET) time. Participants are welcomed from anywhere in the world!

If it’s your first time using Zoom, you’ll need to download the software beforehand here: https://zoom.us/download.


The organizing team

We’ve assembled a multi-national team of learning designers, service designers, facilitators and change-makers to host this journey for you:

Fisher Qua (US) and Anna Jackson (US) are Liberating Structures practitioners who have each been working with LS for about a decade. Together, they contribute to the growth of the global LS community by organizing a range of formal and informal network activities. In addition to regularly co-leading immersion workshops alongside local design ensembles, they have a deep commitment to continuously renewing, growing, developing, and supporting the global network. Their shared practice has included co-organizing the first LS Global Gathering, hosting various communities of practice, helping advance administrative tasks, matching up practitioners across geographies and domains, shared writing projects, coordinating workshops and other learning events, and reflecting regularly together on the evolving nature of their practice with LS.

Esko Reinikainen (FIN/UK) is a culture change consultant and complex systems adventurer. Since his early career as a theatre director he has been designing and delivering engaging participatory experiences that reintroduce presence, joy, creativity and learning to a variety of human activities known as ‘work’. He is on a lifelong mission to create opportunities for Satori, the moment when all the artifice of modern life drops away and you reconnect with your true nature. 

Dorothy Zablah (MEX) is a joyful learning designer and facilitator. After pursuing a masters in Neuroscience & Education at Harvard University, she was devastated by the limits of our traditional education systems. Since then, she has worked with people around the world who are pushing the boundaries of learning & human development. Lately, she has combined ritual design, experiential learning & Liberating Structures to develop a new kind of “teacher training” program.

Veera Hyytiä (FIN) is a process designer & project manager. She’s a LS practitioner and an enthusiastic fantasy book reader. She studied creative leadership in Kaospilot, Denmark. Veera loves working with individuals and organisations who are exploring a way forward towards brighter futures, as a part of The Magic Department based in Helsinki.

Noora Sirén (FIN) is a connection designer & facilitator at The Magic Department. She is an alumni from the creative leadership school Kaospilot, and a Liberating Structures practitioner since 2017. At the moment Noora is fascinated by the power of movement and dance in creating connection and energy during isolation.

Salla Kuuluvainen (FIN).

Anu Paajanen (FIN).



Your LS Immersion ticket gives you access to the full LS Immersion learning journey: four workshops of getting to know & understand LS structures & frameworks, and learning how to apply them in your own context. You’ll spend 15 hours over 3 weeks in a supportive, peer-learning online environment, alongside other curious professionals.

Discounted ticket: 550,00 € + VAT (24 %)
This ticket is intended for those working in the education or NGO sector, students and people with low income. 

Regular ticket: 800,00 € + VAT (24 %)