How can we include & unleash everyone in shaping the future?

December 12th & 13th 2018

Liberating Structures

Do you work in global/local development, on social change, or around complex multi-actor agendas? 

Are you driven by social purposes, transformational learning, team problem-solving? Do you want to expand your facilitation skills and practice applied to social causes? 

Do you want to learn how to easily include everyone & unleash collective intelligent in meetings, workshops or conferences?

Then this one of a kind two-day ‘Liberating Structures social immersion workshop’ is right up your avenue!

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What are ‘Liberating Structures’?

Liberating Structures are a set of simple, playful yet powerful methods (33 ‘microstructures’) for group collaboration and participation. They put people at the center of the thinking and help groups progress on a wide array of challenges. Most microstructures easily scale from small to huge (300+) groups.

Liberating Structures open a new way and pattern to design a learning process. By combining the structures, we progressively tap into the collective wisdom, experience and perspectives of groups, teams or organizations and generate novel thinking.

Liberating Structures are immeasurably practical. Our world is increasingly complex, interdependent, and culturally diverse. Many of our most pressing challenges cut across geographic, cultural, and technical boundaries. Simple methods that help us work together productively are central to making progress.

Liberating Structures work around simple but powerful principles that help groups take their ambitions to the next stage

About this ‘Social’ Immersion workshop

On 12 & 13 December you will be able to:

  • Experience first-hand a series of easy-to-learn microstructures, and their innovative and liberating power.
  • Learn how to use them to help others work at the top of their intelligence and creativity
  • Rethink the design of an upcoming workshop, meeting or initiative you are involved in.
  • Get some insight behind the structures and explore how they build on the logic of Complexity Science.
  • Get a practical opportunity to apply these structures to the field of social change, whether development cooperation or other social change avenues.
  • (Last, but not least) meet pioneers Fisher Qua and Anna Jackson and connect to the global and local community of Liberating Structures practitioners.

This workshop is for everyone leading or supporting change processes in social initiatives, development organizations/agencies/projects, NGOs, social movements, networks, educational institutions, foundations – engaged to foster lively collaborations and learning for social change.

This workshop is the latest avatar of a long standing series of Liberating Structures immersion workshops. Immersion Workshops are designed to introduce participants to a large number of Liberating Structures very rapidly – it’s a fast “do one, do another one” method of learning. The purpose is to create awareness of the wide range of possibilities that Liberating Structures open up. Also, experiencing a large variety of structures demonstrates that there are many ways to address any particular challenge with one or a combination of LS.

Learning to use Liberating Structures is like learning a new language. First you learn individual words. Then you put them together into simple sentences and, pretty soon, you are stringing LS together and transforming the way you and your co-workers are working together and solving problems.



Design team

The Design Team consists of LS pioneers Fisher Qua and Anna Jackson, and local Design Team members Nadia von Holzen, Cristina Temmink and Ewen Le Borgne.

Fisher Qua


With a background in history, modern dance, health improvement, learning & development, and higher education management Fisher brings eclectic skills to his consulting work. He is primarily focused on organizing and structuring interactions that unflatten people’s imaginations while inviting them to contribute more of their intelligence. He uses Liberating Structures and other generative interaction patterns to help groups shape the future together. He holds a BA from Bates College, an MEd in College Sports Management from the University of Washington, and (almost) and MA from the University of Michigan in Higher Education Administration.

Anna Jackson, Alpinista Consulting (She/ Her/ Hers)

Anna first adopted the LS repertoire in 2011 and now teaches clients how to integrate LS into their everyday and strategic practices, using the repertoire to help individuals and groups imagine new possibilities for their work and move toward the future together. Ms. Jackson incorporates a social justice framework in her practice and has worked in youth engagement, leadership development, experiential education, healthcare services and systems change, and international domestic violence and human trafficking prevention and intervention. She has an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of California, Davis, and an MS in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin.

Nadia Von Holzen

Specialized in organizational learning, knowledge management and capacity building in the context of development cooperation, adult learning and social change initiatives, Nadia has worked with the Swiss government, NGOs, foundations and training institutions in Switzerland, Spain, Africa and Asia. Over the last 20 years, Nadia has designed and facilitated various learning processes and has supported network-based collaboration. Nadia loves creating collaborative spaces for others to have meaningful conversations. In 2016 she set up her own business with the intent to inspire and motivate people to be curious and to explore new ways of working and thinking – as Liberating Structures do. Follow her work at:

Cristina Temmink

Cristina Temmink (photo credit: C. Temmink)

Cristina is committed to transformative learning, an approach to learning that connects our experiences at the individual, collective and systemic levels to support deep structural change from the inside out. After a career of 20 years in designing and facilitating learning in the context of international development, she now accompanies (action-) learning processes aimed at putting bold transformative ideas into practice. She works with a wide range of organizations and groups on issues as diverse as sustainable food systems, the energy transition, applied feminism, and new ways of organizing. Cristina is also a steward of Organization Unbound, a global community of practice that explores the organisational dimensions of social transformation.

Ewen Le Borgne

Ewen had a revelation about helping people become ‘process literate’ so they could realise and use the value of collaboration processes in their work and beyond. A knowledge management and learning specialist operating largely in development cooperation, he has been able to follow this mission and put group facilitation skills and his learning expertise to practice with over 150 groups in the past 15 years. Ewen has a footing in agriculture and natural resource management, gender, WASH, but he is keen on working with any group that wants to explore their potential for changing their work, and the world. He is working in association with Community At Work and has been using Liberating Structures in his work since 2012. Follow his work at: and

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Tickets are on sale from 17 September:


  • Early bird: €595 excl VAT and Eventbrite fee (before 15 Oct) – €742.14 all inclusive.
  • Group discount (for 3 or more): €595 excl VAT and Eventbrite fee – €742.14 all inclusive.
  • General admission: €675 excl VAT and Eventbrite fee – €841.85 all inclusive.

The fee includes the 2-day immersion workshop, two healthy lunches and coffee/tea breaks, materials and a set of the Liberating Structures cards. The fee does not cover travel to The Netherlands or accommodation. Your spot is secured once the payment has been received. We encourage young professionals and grassroots activists’ applications. If the fee is a barrier please contact us and we will see what arrangements are possible. 









Contact & queries

If you have questions about this ‘social’ immersion workshop please email Cristina Temmink at: